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In Coronavirus-times, scrutinising our bodily functions has become an obsession. We’re fluent in the symptoms — the cough, the fever, the breathing difficulties. Every deviation from feeling fine is now a reason to ruminate.

Do I feel a bit hot or is it just too warm for a vest today? Am I losing my sense of taste or is this curry just a bit bland? Are my joints all aching or am I just sore because that HIIT class was especially brutal?

We’re all at it.

But spare a thought for women in their 40s and 50s living with key…

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I’m envious of people who can jump out of bed in the morning and ‘just go for a run’. I don’t know how they do it.

I only run when I have to. I create these conditions by signing up for long races where, if I don’t train, there’ll be considerable pain and embarrassment on the day as I hobble round and come in last. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the running and the process of working my way through a training plan — just not enough to do it without a greater, measurable goal.

But there were…

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A former boss once told me that if someone more senior than you behaves in a way you don’t like, put it in your (physical or virtual) book of things you’ll never do as a leader.

Watching the British government’s handling of the Coronavirus crisis sent me running to the Moleskine store for a new notebook — because mine runneth over with new lessons on things not to do when you’re in charge.

The latest episode of ‘Boris Shows You How Not to Lead’ contains several themes. …

Jane Morrish

A Brit abroad.

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